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Program Director


Here’s what I believe and what you can expect from me.  Be honest.  Collaborate. Set a tone.  Specify expectations.  Articulate the path.  Lead by example.  Be caring.  Listen.  Give time.  Admit mistakes.  Be genuinely positive.  I will build trust and earn it through my words and actions every day.  

Market Position

Where does the radio station’s brand fit into the listener’s mind?  What is the one thing the brand is known for?  What is its point of product differentiation?  Does the station match the listener’s belief system?  These are the building blocks upon which we exist.  Music, talent, attitude, doing community good are all in my focus as Program Director.

Music Library

Music library and clock construction is where the Xs and Os come into play.  It’s where the science and art come together.  This is where we must have the station’s sound in our mind and how we make it come to life in a consistent, efficient and managed way.  We’ll figure out the highest testing music, rotations, boundaries, sonic fits and all the rest to keep listeners satisfied and happy.


Music Scheduling

Quarter hour and hourly music log construction is like an amusement park roller coaster ride.  If the ride is without twists and turns, ups and downs, it’s a boring ride.  Same with our music flow.  We’ll make sure the next song on the radio station sounds different than the last one.  Tempo, texture, era, genre, female/male all enter into the picture.  We’ll attack music scheduling as an awesome strategy game.  One song move affects the next. 


Contesting ideas can capture the imagination, seize the moment, set listening appointments and not cost a lot of money.  Contesting has become an entertainment expectation of listeners.  Even if they don’t partake in the contesting, the majority of listeners vicariously enjoy playing along, whether the game or prize is big or small.  But best of all, contesting can freshen the listening landscape of the radio station. 

Listener relationships

We’ll strive to be Amazon, Apple and Chick-fil-A in customer satisfaction.  Be it on-air, on the phone, on social or in person, we need to be responsive, interested, upbeat and friendly.  People who are inclined to communicate with our radio stations are the ones most likely to accept a rating meter or diary.  We will continually coach this is why we exist.  We depend on them and their happiness.  Let us never forget, these are the people we truly work for. 



Across all social platforms, we’ll be about us living in listeners’ lives, not them living in ours.  We will work tirelessly to understand what makes them happy, sad, fulfilled, empty.  We will establish lasting relationships and friendships.  We will analyze engagement data.  We will post emotion.  Internally, we will help each other with content ideas.  We will post content that elicits responses and comments.  We will be in our listeners’ flow and lives and therefore, in their feed. 


Talent Vibe

The vibe we create internally is the vibe listeners hear externally.  It’s about confidence, fun, camaraderie, being relatable and likable.  Bringing a positive enthusiasm to the station every day is a Program Director’s leadership responsibility.  But it’s a shared responsibility too.  A commitment to ourselves and to each other.  It starts in the hiring process.  It continues with honest communication, that if something is bothering us, we need to speak up and talk to someone who can do something about it, because none of us are mind-readers.  This is a fundamental part of being on a team and employment.  It’s also about coaching the content philosophy and making sure the details are taken care of so that the talent can confidently focus on the hardest job in the radio station...execution. 

 Customized and Individualized

I don’t have any templates or one size fits all philosophies.  Each partnership is individualized and customized to meet your needs and reduce your stress.  I’ll never forget that I work for you.  You will always get 101% from me.  How can I help you?

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