About Chuck

I develop, sustain and grow Audio brands and talent, across multiple formats, to make them better.  It's my life-long focus and passion.  That spirit along with the knowledge and perspective learned over the years is what I can put to work for you. 

My philosophy

Be a leader.  Don’t get too high during the highs, too low during the lows.  Ask questions of your listeners.  Respect their answers.  Develop a plan to give them what they want.  Pay attention to detail.  Value and work with talented people.  A Cluster Brand Manager, Program Director or Consultant is an artist with a blank canvas.  Hear it in your mind.  Continually coach specifics.  Give your people your time.  Do regular aircheck sessions.  Have monthly programming team meetings.  A leader’s job is really about giving your team confidence.  Dream.  Have fun.  Always be honest. 

My approach

Every aspect of your radio station goes to making the brand. It’s a combination of science, art and gut. I’ll work energetically to coach and give confidence to your team on every detail of it, specific to your station and market - music, mornings, marketing, digital and social. You can’t fake it - the vibe we create at the radio station internally is the vibe listeners hear externally.



  • Stable, family-oriented, loyal, caring, honest, focused, team leader.

  • Successfully designed, interpreted and implemented annual brand targeted strategic demographic and psycho-graphic research that led to dominate Nielsen Radio Research ratings.

  • Effectively developed and managed annual programming and marketing budgets that exceeded ratings goals with limited investments. 

  • Successfully planned and executed annual community outreach programs raising millions of dollars for charities and non-profits.

  • Effectively designed and developed successful brand marketing campaigns using radio, TV, outdoor, digital, direct mail, telemarketing, event and web.

  • Hired, coached, directed and managed dynamic, fun, award-winning morning shows and talent teams.

  • Exceptionally strong analytical, strategic, organization and system design skills for effective and successful understanding and execution of brand goals. 

Awards, Nominations and Honors


National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award Winner - 9 times

National Association of Broadcasters Major Market Radio Station of the Year

National Association of Broadcasters Adult Contemporary Radio Station of the Year

National Association of Broadcasters Medium Market Radio Station of the Year

National Association of Broadcasters Personalities of the Year

RadioInk Best Program Directors of the Year – 7 times

RadioInk Top 5 Community-based Website of the Year

Billboard Adult Contemporary Radio Station of the Year

Billboard Adult Contemporary Program Director of the Year


KQXT San Antonio, TX - iHeartMedia

SVP Programming - AC, CHR, Country

WBEB Philadelphia - Jerry Lee Radio

Program Director - AC

WSNY Columbus, OH - Saga Communications 

Director of Programming Operations - AC, Classic Hits, Smooth Jazz

WYXR Philadelphia, PA - iHeartMedia

Program Director - Hot AC

WENS Indianapolis, IN - Emmis Communications

Program Director - Hot AC

KRNQ Des Moines, IA - Saga Communications

Air Talent/Program Director - CHR

Ask My Bosses

Jerry Lee - Owner jerryl@spotq.com

Blaise Howard - Pres/GM blaise.howard1@gmail.com

Jim Loftus - Pres/GM jloftus@7mountainsmedia.com

Steve Goldstein - EVP Programming sjgoldstein@amplifimedia.com

Rick Cummings - President Broadcast Division rcummings@emmis.com

Guy Zapoleon - SVP Programming gzapoleon@aol.com

Gary Berkowitz - Consultant gary@garyberk.com

Terry Patrick - Consultant terrypatrickmktg@gmail.com

Bill Moyes - President Research bill@moyes.com

Larry Rosin - President Research lrosin@edisonresearch.com



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