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Cluster Brand Manager


Market cluster strategies can be confusing, rewarding or somewhere in between.  I offer an unbiased analysis and outsider’s view.  Is each brand in the cluster on target?  How is each brand executing the strategy?  Are there formatic and demographic lanes to fill?  Are there brands within the cluster competing with each other and may need some adjustment to further separate?  What are the opportunities to consider? 



What do listeners want, need and desire from our brands.  Our thoughts on this and what our listeners are actually thinking are quite often two very different things.  I deliver research perspective.  I’ve been involved in well over 100 radio consumer research projects, the majority focused on 25-54 Adults.



Product positioning is paramount to the brand.  What are the one or two things you stand for?  Research and marketing guru John Parikhal taught me, getting things simple is incredibly difficult.  Distilling your brand mantra in creative ways is what keeps it fresh and on-target, allowing a listener to place it in an easy to understand compartment in their mind.  We’ll craft it so it’s easy to understand and hammer it home.  How would you tell a neighbor over the back fence about who and what you are? 


We’re no different than Diet Coke.  If it tasted different every time you drank one, Diet Coke’s return sales would be terrible and it would quickly lose share and risk coming off the market.  Our radio stations are the same.  We have to be consistent and dependable.  Listeners have to be able to trust us to live up to their expectations and be worthy of their time investment every quarter hour.  That comes with understanding, commitment and focus.

Social Media

Social media strategies are truly about engaging listeners and it’s all about emotional connections.  We’ll create social and blog content that bonds with listeners.  This engagement isn’t about us - it’s about them.  Their lives.  Their happiness.  Their struggles.  Content is what creates a connection, that leads to a relationship, that leads to loyalty, that leads to increased listening occasions, that leads to increased ratings, that leads to increased revenue.  It all starts and ends with what’s important and matters to them. 

Customized and Individualized

I don’t have any templates or one size fits all philosophies.  Each partnership is individualized and customized to meet your needs and reduce your stress.  I’ll never forget that I work for you.  You will always get 101% from me.  How can I help you?

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