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Consulting & Coaching 

Coaching the Coaches

Each one of us is a sum of our past experiences.  We’ve all worked for and observed great and not so great leaders throughout our careers.  We learn from both and apply the best to our leadership and coaching style and belief system.  Luckily, I’ve been able to work with some of the greatest leaders, motivators and coaches in the business who have taught me a lot.  You can see a handful by clicking here. Collectively, their greatness is what I bring to you and your team. 


Station and Cluster Strategy

Market cluster strategies can be confusing, rewarding or somewhere in between.  I offer an unbiased analysis and outsider’s view.  Is each station in the cluster on target?  How is each station executing the strategy?  Are there formatic and demographic lanes to fill?  Are there brands within the cluster competing with each other and may need some adjustment to further separate?  What are the options to consider? 


Product Definition

Every minute of programming goes into determining the brand.  Music selection, rotations, scheduling, positioning, talent, social, contesting, marketing, engaging commercials, audio processing.  We’ll work together to do a complete check-up on all of it, analyzing strengths, weakness and opportunities. 


Music Calls/Emails

Weekly music changes will have an overall conservative approach.  We’ll have confidence and believe in our own research first, not a competitor’s or a national chart.  If we don’t have research, or the extent of it is Mediabase, we’ll make sure we’re following stations that do.   


I love being involved with morning shows.  Casting is as critical as in the movies.  Morning show are based on likability and relatability.  I believe storytelling is the key to success.  Storytelling is one of the earliest forms of verbal communication and entertainment since humans began speaking.  Think of the tribal storyteller, who was one of the most popular people in the tribe.  Our morning shows are the tribal storytellers.  We’ll coach them to share their entertaining, real-life stories then invite listeners to share theirs.  Listeners love supplying content, just look at TikTok and YouTube! When that happens, we’ll have more and varied stories, leading to more entertainment which will propel the emotional connection, popularity and loyalty to the show.  By making listeners the stars, we become bigger stars. 



This budget line isn’t what it used to be and that’s assuming you have one.  But there are plenty of free or minimal investment weapons to use.  Digital marketing can be affordable. Let’s explore trading TV or cable.  Connect to our listeners about them and their interests through social media.  Develop and use events and client appearances to meet and engage current and future listeners.  Be great ambassadors when we go into businesses and catch them listening to our station by introducing ourselves and thanking them for listening.  Be local, topical, timely, compelling and bigger than life on-air creating great word-of-mouth.  Let’s not leave any weapon undrawn in our battle for dominance in a listener’s mind. 



Sales with Programming is how this should work.  And it can happen successfully through communication and a relationship.  Have the Program Director in the Sales meeting with a ratings overview, findings from the just completed research project, thoughts on a new competitor or reminders that more than 82% of adults use Radio on a weekly basis.  How great to have the Sales Manager in a Programming meeting talking about how clients are excited about using and engaging the talent, station and cluster with their brands.  Also very important that we work together at an early development phase to brainstorm and insure that promotional and value-added ideas have listener and client benefits. 


Team Collaboration

Collaboration is a key to our success.  We all learn from each other.  We’ll invite ideas to come from anyone, anywhere, anytime.  We’ll combine ideas to make them better.  We’ll increase our perspective and view with more people involved.  We’ll increase buy-in and hallway vibe when everyone plays a part.  Internal vibe and camaraderie is always heard in what comes out of our speakers. 


Customized and Individualized

I don’t have any templates or one size fits all philosophies.  Each partnership is individualized and customized to meet your needs and reduce your stress.  I’ll never forget that I work for you.  You will always get 101% from me.  How can I help you?

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